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Meat Loaf

Hell in a Handbasket

Hell in a Handbasket bevat de volgende tracks:

  1. All Of Me Lyrics
  2. Fall From Grace Lyrics
  3. The Giving Tree Lyrics
  4. Mad Mad World / The Good God Is A Woman And She Don't Like Ugly Lyrics
  5. Party Of One Lyrics
  6. Live Or Die Lyrics
  7. California Dreamin' Lyrics
  8. Another Day Lyrics
  9. 40 Days Lyrics
  10. Our Love And Our Souls Lyrics
  11. Stand In The Storm Lyrics
  12. Blue Sky Lyrics



Produced and Engineered by Paul Crook
Mixed by Chris Lord-Alge at Mix LA
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, New York, NY
Assistent Engeneers for Chris Lord-Alge: Keith Armstrong, Nik Karpen
Additional Engeneering for Chris Lord-Alge: Brad Townsend, Andrew Schubert



The Neverland Express

  • Justin Avery: Piano, Organ, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals
  • Paul Crook: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Loop Programming
  • Randy Flowers: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals
  • David Luther: Saxophone, Backing Vocals
  • John Miceli: Drums, Percussion
  • Danny Miranda: Electric and Upright Bass
  • Patti Russo: Lead and Backing Vocals



Additional Musicians

  • Bruce Bowden; Pedal Steel; Stand in the Storm
  • Caitlin Evanson; Fiddle; Live or Die
  • Jerry Flowers; Backing Vocal; Mad Mad World /The Good God Is A Woman And She Don't Like Ugly
  • Ginny Luke; Violin; Party of One
  • Jamie Muhoberac; Keyboard, Synthesizer; All of Me, Another Day, Our Love and Our Souls
  • Glen Duncan; Mandolin; 40 Days



Additional Engeneering

  • Doug McKean; The Giving Tree and Mad Mad World / The Good God Is A Woman And She Don't Like Ugly; assisted by Russ Waught; Lightning Sound Studios, Hidden Hills, CA
  • John Miceli; all tracks, assisted by Joe Libretti; Sound Check Studio, New York, NY
  • Nathaniel Alford; Stand In The Storm; The Village Recorder, Santa Monica, CA
  • Justin Avery; The Giving Tree, Party Of One and 40 days
  • Ethan Carlson; All Of Me, Fall From Grace, Party Of One, Another Day, Our Love And Our Souls; Stagg Street Studios, Los Angeles, CA
  • Sean Giovanni; Stand In The Storm; The Record Shop, Nashville, TN
  • Randy Flowers; Live Or Die
  • Dan Chase; Fall From Grace, California Dreamin', 40 Days, Our Love And Our Souls, Blue Sky

Meat Loaf's vocals recorded at NRK Studio's, Northridge, CA

Chuck D appears courtesy of Public Enemy and SLAMjamz Recordings
Lil Jon appears courtesy of BME Enterprises

"Failure is not an option…"