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Meat Loaf

Man And A Woman

And as the band began to play
Without a song they lose their way
A song of love and custom dreams
A song of yesterday

When they danced
When they danced
Her skirts were lifted high
She felt the music in his arms
The danger in his eyes

And a woman said no
And a man said but I love you so
And a woman moved closer
And a man said take my love into your heart
I must have you here by my side

It happened all too fast
They came to love and they came to last
No-one remembers now who lied
True love is made glass

And a woman said change
And a man said as soon as I can
And a woman said open up
And a man said your way's right
You're my love I want to be holdin' you down

In the evening of their lives
No regrets and clear blue skies
They meet again in old New York
He tells her one sweet lie

And they danced
And they danced
And a man said I love you
And a woman said take my love0
Into your heart
I must have you here by my side